Tethering Fuji into Lightroom for free

X Acquire is tethering software that allows users to connect GFX 50S to a Mac or PC via USB cable for direct transferring and saving of captured images onto the computer … X Acquire is also compatible with tether shooting features of FUJIFILM X-T1 and FUJIFILM X-T2

One of the problems with Fujifilm is that getting photos off the camera and into Lightroom has been a confusing mass of costly proprietary software and plugins, something that Canon, Nikon and others provide for free. Until now. Continue reading “Tethering Fuji into Lightroom for free”

Whitby Steampunk Festival 2017

A day out with my photo-buddies at the Whitby Steampunk Festival 2017. I didn’t end up taking many of the Steampunks themselves, well, 3 to be precise, but it was interesting hearing about the appeal and the ideas behind it all, and Whitby is always a nice place to spend a few hours. Continue reading “Whitby Steampunk Festival 2017”